DEVAL'TROT team members are devoted to organizing recreational activities for anyone (singles or groups) interested in discovering nature whilst respecting the environment, in particular the "Parc Naturel Régional du Haut-Languedoc", with electrics scooters.
The team's aim is to interest people in to respecting the environment through sport ...
Please help us protect the environment :
- No rubbish on the ground
- Use only marked paths
- No trespassing private properties
- No smoking.

Please respect all other nature visitors : mountain-bikers, mushroom-gatherers, pickers, fishermen and hunters might also be out to enjoy our natural heritage.


You will come across many flowers and animals during the course of your descent, so keep a look out for typical Mediterranean plants ( Montpellier Cistus, rosemary, thyme, arbutus bushes, oak, kermes oak, pine trees .), and do not miss the pride and joy of our village: the vineyards of course!When it comes to animals, they range from the smallest to the largest, some are hard to catch sight of, but you might get lucky! (Wild boars, mountain sheep in the Caroux, deer, hares, birds of prey. and all types of insects and invertebrates).
Circaète jean le blanc

We are located in ROQUEBRUN.

You will find yourself in a picturesque area, you will discover the ORB valley, ROQUEBRUN ...

You will be captivated by these beautiful landscapes !!